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  Shimmy Damper O-Ring R&R



So, when you do the little safety wire check specified in your maintenance manual for the fluid level of your shimmy damper you get something in excess of 2.375" to 2.75"?


By the way a measurement of 2.125" is supposed to be full (per my Baron maintenance manual anyway).


Or, you see this little puddle of 5606 hydraulic fluid on the floor under the rear shaft of your shimmy damper?


This means you'll need to add fluid and/or overhaul all the o-rings in the unit.


HERE is a link to a very helpful pdf (developed by Elliott Schiffman and Denis King) that will take you and your mechanic step-by-step through the process. Click HERE for the presentation that has been given several times at the ABS tent during Oshkosh.


Here is a sketch of a shimmy damper fluid level measuring tool posted by Larry M. on Beech Talk



Here is a list of all the o-rings you will need for the project:


2 each AN6227-1 (MS28775-006)

2 each AN6227-7 (MS28775-012)

4 each AN6227-13 (MS28775-115)

2 each Beech P/N 1009432E316G Springs

1 each AN960-3 Washer

1 AN380-3-2 cotter pin (MS24665-281)

1 6-32 threaded rod


O-Ring Reference Guide PDF HERE


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