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  Bonanza/Debonair "Piano Key" Panel STC Mod (A35 thru N35)


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New Dual G5 Bonanza Panel



UPDATE 2/1/2017: New Bonanza Engine Bay Covers


UPDATE 3/10/2017: STC Panel Install Pirep


UPDATE 1/12/2020: New Bonanza Cowl Flap Hardware


McPeck Aviation is pleased to offer a new innovative instrument panel upgrade for Bonanzas and Debonairs up through the N35 models (1961) that were equipped from the factory with the "Piano Key" lower switch panel. What makes this STC'd mod so unique is that you can keep the original piano key switches (saving a ton of dough in your upgrade process) and get the flexibility of two different size panels to choose from.


The inspiration for this panel STC came as a result of Travis Ward's purchase of a C35 Bonanza and his subsequently finding that the factory original structural panel had been severely compromised. This led to Travis hiring a DER to allow him to create a panel modification for his aircraft that has since become STC# SA02486SE. Travis has since sold the STC rights to McPeck Aviation.


If your legacy Bonanza/Debonair panel looks anything like Travis' below pics and you'd like to upgrade your bird with a more modern and clean look without the costly expense and extensive labor hours to replace the "Piano Key" section, then this STC is right up your alley!




The McPeck Aviation instrument panel is STC approved for Beechcraft Bonanza models from 1947 to 1961 and Beechcraft Debonair models 35-33 and 35-A33.


Click HERE for the Approved Model List (AML) for this STC.


With the McPeck Aviation Instrument Panel Modification STC SA02486SE you get a 12” panel.  And, unlike the original Beechcraft panel, with the McPeck panel the instruments will actually attach to the panel and eliminate the need to reach through the firewall to remove an instrument.  Both McPeck panels will be precision cut to match the airframe with little to no trimming needed.


When you purchase the McPeck Aviation instrument panel STC you will have two options.


Click HERE to see the panel options.


The options are in relation to whether you want a blank panel with no cut outs or to choose and have McPeck cut out the main six pack floating panel.  If you have already upgraded to a Garmin G650, G750, Aspen Avionics, etc. but are still using the original panel with 3-1/8” holes you could clean up your panels appearance and really make it look sharp by using our blank panel option.


Another really nice benefit to the McPeck panel is that once you purchase the STC and install the panel, should your needs change at a later time, the removal and installation of a new panel will be extremely easy.  You will be able to purchase a replacement panel for a low cost and not have to re-file another FAA Form 337, as this will now be considered a part replacement.


The McPeck panel modification is installed with MS24694 structural hardware which is 8-32 flat head Phillips screws and AN365 nuts (owner supplied).  If you can operate a drill motor you should be able to do most of this panel modification yourself, with supervision from your IA mechanic.  The IA will need to sign off on a 337 for installation to make this alteration legal.


The McPeck STC is applicable whether your aircraft has been upgraded to a speed sloped windscreen or retains the original.  If you have an original windscreen and glare shield, and have no interest in installing a speed sloped windscreen, you can still take advantage of this STC.  The modification necessary to remove the original glare shield will take a little more time, but is very doable.


3/10/2017 Panel STC Pirep from G35 Bonanza owner Jeff in TN


My G-35 was flown approximately 2 months after the start of the project. An STC is the easiest way to modify an airplane in terms of endorsing the logbook, and I found several willing inspectors. I did most of the work myself, under supervision. Removing & replacing the panel was straightforward with easy-to-read instructions and great support from Travis Ward. The fit was exact. I would estimate the work-time to be about 20 hours by the time you have the panel permanently in place (that's strictly the STC, the opportunity for other mods, paint, etc. not included). If you have the standard windshield, you may need another 6-8 hours to attach the defroster duct. 


It was a two month project for me because of all the opportunities DIY presented. Remember that every man-hour in an avionics shop will cost you 100+/-, including the less specialized stuff. I was able to save hundreds by hiring locally for additional panel cuts and powder coat, and I was able to talk directly with the craftsman doing the work and hand-carry it back and forth until it was perfect. The process allows a good look at the state of the aircraft wiring, the three dimensional fit of instruments, radios, and aircraft systems, etc., so you can take as much time as you want and need to decide how to arrange your new panel. I was able to remove many wires that were cut on one or both ends,  without a doubt removing many pounds. I imagine every little decision at the avionics shop kills half a day, if they bother to call and ask, to the tune of time and money, while you can make the same decisions in a more timely and informed manor while looking right at it. 


This STC allowed me to factor in one more intangible advantage. I found avionics shops to be reluctant to issue a quote with the old panel installed because of the wide assortment of issues they have historically encountered. They would not say with certainty that my proposed layout would fit with with scissor struts, battery boxes, previous mods, etc., so the best agreements they would offer were very open-ended. I now have VFR capable airplane with the radio stack in place clear of all those things. It is obvious that the new avionics will fit right in with minimal additional cutting or structure; so it is easier to get a firm (and cheaper) quote. So I am glad I decided to purchase this Affordable Aircraft STC. I found the process enjoyable.

Jeff, TN











With our PMA approval in-hand we are now able to offer these panels for $3,495 plus shipping.


SPECIAL LIMITED TIME SALE: $3,040 with FREE shipping!


Click Buy it Now button below to order. Be sure to specify your


Panel OPTION # in the notes section of your payment!





See the 1-Day panel removal pictorial  pictorial HERE


Download the Initial Install PIREP HERE


Dealer inquiries from Avionics shops are welcome, contact Adam HERE


Contact Adam McPeck at the email link below to place your order.


We look forward to helping you upgrade your Beechcraft Bonanza and Debonair instrument panel for better functionality and beauty.  Please contact me, Adam McPeck, at the contact info below with any questions.


Happy Skies,


Adam McPeck




Continue scrolling down for more pictures and panel options.




Below is a panel done by Blazin Hydrographics to simulate Carbon Fiber




McPeck has sent out a completed panel that's ready for install to Blazin Hydrographics in Oregon City, Oregon. They used a carbon fiber film and a blue gray with metallic base coat. After they applied the film they baked it their oven for an hour at 180 degrees.

Although it looks great in the photo you can not see how really nice the panel does look. They did a phenomenal job. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to bake the panel after this process is done.


Remember the quality of your workmanship while you build your panel will show in the final product. They don't do any finish work to touch up your work.


They have an abundance of options, if you can think it or find it they can probably do it.


I'll keep posting progress pictures. Be sure to come back on a regular basis to see anything new.




Below are the McPeck six-pack panel insert and the full panel front and back.








Below are the four available panel configuration options


OPTION #1001-1-1



OPTION #1001-1-1A


OPTION #1001-1-1B




SPECIAL LIMITED TIME SALE: $3,040 with FREE shipping!


Click Buy it Now button below to order. Be sure to specify your


Panel OPTION # in the notes section of your payment!







Below are some of the dream panel options you can create*

(*NOTE: Additional cut outs beyond those outlined in the panel options above are done by user/installer in the field.)


Dream #1



Dream #2



Dream #3



Dream #4



Dream #5


Dream #6 Dual G5 Panel


Flush Mount G5 Adapter $79.95




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