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  Affordable Aircraft Systems (AAS) Panel Removal Images





The above picture shows the rivet points on the left side that will need to be drilled out.



Below image shows the rivet points around the control column that must be drilled out.






Rivet holes on the right side and the nubs left over that need to be filed down after removing original panel



Left over rivet tails/nubs that need to be filed off.





Below is G35 owner Don M.'s pirep and his pictorial progress with the AAS Panel STC. He started on a Saturday morning and by 4PM he had the panel gutted.



"Bam! This thing fits awesome. I've got a 13" version of Travis's panel.

It took half a half a day to remove all the instruments, avionics, and the old panel: labeling all wires with my label maker as I removed them. Then you drill out all the rivets you can see... wiggle the panel... find the rivets you missed, keep drilling them out and grinding the heads off a few that attach the panel to the piano keys, and finally the old ugly panel comes right out!"         Don M. June 13, 2016












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