SEMCO, Inc. is a unique technical marketing, sales and business development company providing Business Development, Sales and Margin Improvement services to manufacturing based industries since 1995. Simply put, we are your "Marketing, Business Development & Project Management Department for-Hire". 

                                "What's broke or running poorly, and how can I help you fix it!"


Nearly $60 Million of Career Sales and Business Development successes!

Providing New Product Commercialization, Business Development, Product Management & Project Management, Competitive Research, New Product Production Scale-Up, Employee Newsletter creation, Advertising & Trade Show Selection & Trade Show Program Management, Sales Force Incentive Compensation Planning, and Strategic & Business Planning services to small and medium sized businesses (Start-Up to $400 Mil) in a variety of manufacturing industries.

My business philosophy is based on the principles of "AIR"

Accountability: Makes & Meets Commitments; Accepts Responsibility; Has a Passion for Excellence; Focuses on Execution; Hates to Lose/Loves to Win

Integrity: Honest, Fair and Trustworthy in all activities & Relationships, Adheres to Highest Standards of Ethics; Encourages Others to Raise Concerns

Respect: Treats others with Respect; Builds Positive Working Relationships; Shares Knowledge and Encourages the Development of Others

Uniquely qualified, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, combined with over twenty-five years of Sales, Marketing and Technical Solutions Development with such companies as General Electric, Avery-Dennison, Convergent Label Technology, Response Mail Express, Superior Air Parts, Appleton Papers, Encapsys & Appvion:

•    Aircraft Piston Engines & Parts

•    Pressure Sensitive Labels & Converting

•    Coating & Laminating Equipment

•    Plastics, Paper, Film

•    Microencapsulation

Key Qualifications & Capabilities   

•    Proven track record in the development and commercialization of new products & projects.

•    Career scorecard currently approaching $60 million!

•    Thorough knowledge of various manufacturing techniques and engineering principles in printing, plastics, paper and industrial coatings. Easily translatable to other industries.

•    Superior product management experience and ability to handle multiple projects.

•     Innovative; ability to cross-pollinate solutions from one project to another. “Success leaves clues!”

•    Superior communication skills. Ability to communicate to both internal and external audiences through oral and written media with confidence and ease. Fluent in MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access & FrontPage

•    Collaborative Management style brings together cross-functional groups, maximizing teamwork toward solutions

•    Strong customer interface skills. Demonstrated ability to handle critical customer accounts through superior project management and delivery of significant financial results. Internal & External organization customers are equally valued.

•    Lead direct reports and project teams to superior levels of performance toward project goals by involving them early in projects and valuing their expertise where they are subject matter experts.

•    Sensible, cautious, careful, practical, clever & talented but modest.

Career Accomplishments Scorecard Highlights   

•    Analyzed and identified Selling channel changes and pricing that would grow aircraft parts revenue by 25% in 2007.

•    Implemented direct mail "e-programs" that lifted aircraft engine sales to a new monthly record in September 2006

•    Achieved $1 million/year in label material substitution savings and coordinated material conversions internally and with customers externally. Identified .

•    Identified and commercialized a superior topcoat and label material combination that resulted in $3.5 million/year of poultry market segment business as well as a 50% share of a major National Retailer's pharmacy label business.

•    Co-inventor US Patent # 7,089,859 a debris cleaning coating for paper and labels used in laser and inkjet printers.

•    Identified and Implemented Programs with a Direct Mail Company to Lift Sales by 43% over prior year.

•    Identified and implemented a 33% Headcount reduction in a Direct Mail Company's Marketing Department


Debris Removing Coating Patent 7,089,859 (Michael Caban, Co-Inventor)

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Interim or Full Time Positions In:

•    Director Marketing/Sales/Business Development

•    Project Management

•    Product Management

•    Margin Improvement/Product Line Variety Analysis

•    Product Commercialization & Scale Up


Michael Caban


Dallas, Texas 75067

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(972) 955-Zero-Six-Four-One (Mobile)

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