"Mike possesses a unique combination of technical expertise and selling skills which allows him to create and foster professional relationships both internally and externally, and to command respect across functional lines." Julie S. (former colleague)

"Mike has a passion to identify new customer to build a strong portfolio of new business opportunities. His drive and creativity to cold call and engage 'hard to reach' decision makers is unsurpassed." Jamie H. (VP & former manager) 


"Mike was a tremendous asset to our Team. His ability to manage complex technical issues in a consultative manner is a rare find. His ability to articulate client needs into deliverable results was key to our success. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Mike again." Jim C. (VP & former manager)

"I have come to know Mike over the past six years as both a colleague and direct report while at Encapsys. Mike brings a focused, collaborative and entrepreneurial energy to his work and challenges those around him to stay the course and succeed in critical business development efforts. He is an excellent problem solver, quick to identify the root cause of issues and offers creative solutions to stay on track or improve performance. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and have him as a member of my Team." I.P. (Business Leader/former manager & former colleague)

"I have known and worked with Mike for approximately two years. He worked as a Senior Development Manager on a product that we were co-developing. It was actually Mike who reached out to me to learn more about a self-healing paint that I was developing for the Marine Corps. Mike had identified our paint as a growth market for microcapsules. He made a clear and convincing case for how he would be able to bring our experimental technology to the market. Our partnership could have hardly gone more smoothly. Mike was able to quickly negotiate a contract with my employer, build a team and manage a healthy, cooperative relationship between our two companies throughout the development process. In about a year, his team demonstrated that our product could be produced at the pilot scale and beyond at an economically viable cost point. I regard the transition of my technology to Mike's team as one of the biggest achievements of my career. It would not have happened without him. He deserves the credit for identifying my technology in the first place   and for ensuring that both of our teams worked in mutual interest. He has the people skills, management experience and market insight to shepherd new technologies to the marketplace. In my business, we usually refer to these intermediate levels of technology maturity as "the valley of death", and Mike is the person you want with you when you take that journey." Jason Benkoski (Customer: Senior Scientist & Inventor of Polyfibroblast Self-Healing Microcapsules at Johns Hopkins University)











02.01.2016 Available for immediate consulting or full-time opportunities in industrial manufacturing or specialty chemical markets.

01.18.2016 Attended SSPC 2016 Corrosion Conference.

11.16.2015 Attended DoD Corrosion Conference.


10.27.2015 Attended Pesticide & Formulation Delivery Conference


05.05.2015 Attended Interzum, Cologne ISPA Exhibition