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  B55 Dimming Rheostat Replacement Options




Here are some part numbers posted by Baron owner Mike T. as replacement possibilities for his three Baron light dimmer rheostats from Newark:


1 ea. Ohmite RHS175E @ $34.50


2 ea. Mallory VW-1K @ $52.56 each


Ohmite Data Sheet HERE


Ohmite from Newark HERE


Mallory Data Sheet HERE


Mallory from Newark HERE


Here are some helpful Ohmite Catalog Excerpt #1 and Excerpt #2





Here is a solid state option: Max Dim

  • 12-35 volts @ 15 Amps
  • Ring Connectors
  • Controlled Output:
    0 to 12-35 VDC -  0 to 15A


  • 180 Watts @12 VDC
  • 360 Watts @24 VDC
  • 420 Watts @28 VDC
  • 525 Watts @35 VDC


Not exactly CSOB styling on the price but seemingly a very effective solid state dimmer.


Don't forget to replace as many of your incandescent post lights as possible with LEDs to reduce your current load (and the heat the rheostat has to dissipate) on the rheostat.


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