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  DIY Beech Jack Options & Plans


The original "Beech Jack" is a design that dates back to the Beech factory whereby a unique wheeled rolling fixture was created to allow easy movement of the airframe through the shop floor as it progressed through the factory during assembly at its various assembly points.

For most Beech Bonanza, Baron and Travel Air owners it is a tool that many of us view with envy for servicing our aircraft landing gear and for the routine annual gear swing during annual inspections, not to mention the ability to move the aircraft around the hangar floor and the ease of storage of the unit under the belly of the aircraft (assuming no belly antenna interference).

Many folks have found original factory Beech Jacks floating around for sale at aviation auctions and eBay, some of which were well used and required some refurbishing to insure 

continued safe service. Below are DIY options, an homage to the original factory jacks if you

will, that might be of interest to the Beech community.

Proceed at your own risk with these designs and make your own determination as to suitability

for your operations and build skill level.


Here is George Steed's build of the Larry Davis Beech Jack design plans.

George documented his build in an excellent ABS Magazine article published in May 2014, which looks to be an excellent DIY guide for building the Larry Davis plan.


Below is Mark S.'s Beech Jack build from the Larry Davis plans



Click HERE for the Chuck Roberts (RIP) Beech Jack Plans.



George Wolfe builds the "Eagle" Jack if you're inclined to stroke the check for one. See his product details HERE


Here is a DIY Tail Stand design by Beech Owner & IA, Stu S.

Click HERE for a pdf of the above sketch.