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  Copilot's Seat Crashes into Radio Stack


Do you have a single control yoke in your Beechcraft and does it really hack you off when the copilot seat is tilted forward and it crashes into your mega dollar avionics stack?


Well here's a solution from Beechcraft maven and parts guy, Kevin O.



The first picture shows frame without fix--note--the bolt that the upper frame rotates on is also the bolt that attaches the seat belt to the frame.




Second picture shows part made from U shaped channel (aluminum)--attached to frame by using a longer bolt to go through seat frame--part--and still have enough length to attach seat belt.







first picture shows stop removed and the seat pushed forward--note seat will fold down almost 90 degrees--and WILL hit the radio rack if the head rest is installed last picture shows seat stop installed--does not bother the seat recline mechanism.





These pictures show the seat stop removed --got it out of the junk bin--did a little grinding on it, painted it made from aluminum. Note on the second picture how the seat frame rests on the part (right side). Some of you guys with a CNC machine could do a better job





picture 1 shows the seat with the seat belt attached

picture 2 shows the seat belt removed--you can see the "seat stop in place

picture 3 shows the seat pushed forward--only allows the seat to fold forward about 45 degrees--the stop holds the seat about 3 inches away from the radios with the seat all the way forward and the head rest in place.



Picture below shows his seat full forward and leaned forward--even if some one puts their weight on the seat and it flexes forward--will not hit radios. Second picture shows frame of seat.



An easy simple fix--no more damaged radios---and it does not make it harder to get into the back seat. Leather covering hides it--can't even tell its there .



Thanks for another great solution Kevin!



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