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  CSOB/DIY Fuel Transfer System




Do you have an ethanol-free Mo-Gas STC and struggle with hauling ethanol-free gas in 5-gallon containers and then doing 5-gallon container curls to fuel up your bird with mo-gas? Do you need a CSOB transfer system that has a great big capacity and doesn't cost $500 or more? Well, CSOBeech to the rescue! I've built a DIY system from common auto components that easily holds 30 gallons of fuel and pumps it from a 12V cigarette lighter receptacle.


By the way, here is a source for locating ethanol-free gas stations:



The components for a CSOB fuel transfer system are easily sourced on eBay and all in you're probably looking at about $250 to get a reasonably portable 30 gallon storage and transfer system. The dimensions of the tank are such that it even sits in an E46 3-Series BMW sedan trunk, so any SUV rear area would be doable. Just be sure to have a cigarette lighter power receptacle handy in the area of your tank location for powering the pump because lifting the roughly 180 pound full tank is likely going to require more than most of us can manage.


A diesel tank was selected by me because it does not contain the special vent holes in the top of the tank that require special vent plugs be purchased. Venting is accomplished through the fuel pump return tubes.


To fully fill the tank and avoid fuel sloshing out during transport, you'll also need a short length of fill hose with an ID the size of the filler neck clamped to the filler neck and then place your stopper in the end of the fill hose.


Here are the main component specs & PNs:



Spectra Premium Industries PN: SP12N1H approximately $70 on Amazon or eBay





GM51B Diesel Fuel Tank


1995-1999 30-Gallon Tahoe/Yukon Diesel Tank Approximately $130.

Aftermarket maker Dorman PN: 576-383



30 gallons/117 liters

30.5 x 24.75 x 14 in.

With lock ring; Without seals, filler neck, and pan in tank

Look for it on eBay by searching: "GM51B" or "15733310" or "Dorman 576-383"

Replaces OE PN: 15733310




The 12V DC pump above will transfer 30 gallons in about 30 minutes! Read the ABS Magazine article in January 2015 archive on page 18 HERE!





Big Daddy Auto Gas Transfer/Filling System



Below are pics of a 91 gallon auto gas transfer/filling rig built by new Debonair owner Jason R. I made the suggestion to add blocks to the trailer to more thoroughly immobilize the tank on the trailer.


A motorcycle battery or a tap through a 7-port trailer plug can power the electric pump. Jason's tank is an DOT approved unit by RDS Model #71790 available at Amazon or Northern Tool. The trailer is a 48" x 96" unit from Harbor Freight. Be sure to consider an adequate ground to the trailer, tank and pump to bond to the airframe (Jason uses a Rota Reel) or you could go CSOB with a length of stainless cable and an appropriate alligator clip.








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