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  My Favorite GPS Mount Sources


Here are a few of my favorite sources for Tablet and GPS mounts. Both Cygnet and Angerole specialize in Beechcraft specific stuff and their quality and service is beyond reproach, in my humble opinion.




Cygnet Aerospace Corp.
P. O. Box 6603, Los Osos, CA 93412
(805) 528-AERO (2376) | fax (805) 528-2377



Here are shots of Cygnet's Flight Desk mounted on their control arm.


Flight Desk Dual Yoke



I wouldn't be without my Flight Desk! Seen below holding the Sony Reader PRS-505 w/ReaderPlates


And here is a Cygnet solution for mounting Tablet PC's or even the Garmin 696 to their Flight Desk. It will accept the 696 and allow the use of the Chart Holder features. The 696 will mount to a slide part that slips over a hinged arm and the gps is tilted toward the pilot. The arm will let the user swing the 696 out of the way to access the tablet. The mechanism allows for quick release of the 696 to take with you after the flying. Contact Chris at Cygnet for more info HERE









Angerole's latest 696 Mount is sure to be a hit with the early adopters of this phenomenal aviation portable.


Bonanza Garmin Mount                                                                                               Baron Garmin Mount


See Angerole's complete lineup of Beechcraft mounts and gear HERE



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