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The typical 7512-12/7512-24 or W1290-14/W1290-28 incandescent bulbs used in Navigation light applications typically consume about 26 watts. This equates to about 1.85 amps per bulb on 14V systems and about 1 amp per bulb on 28V systems.

Each LED Nav Bulb is approximately 4 watts, or about 85% less power consumption than medieval incandescent bulbs. Everyone can appreciate this lower power consumption and especially those folks with the older generator based charging systems who I've heard complain often about "brownouts" during night ops on the ground at low RPM.

Medieval Incandescent Nav Bulb

CSOBeech LED White Tail Nav Bulb has 4 Chip Faces!

CSOBeech LED Red & Green Nav Bulbs

PS: Check out PAR36 LEDs HERE and PAR46 LEDs HERE. is now able to offer LED Nav Bulbs for your "Boat" or Experimental Aircraft which includes FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping to US addresses (International 1st Class Shipping available).

Red and Green LED Nav bulbs are configured with the BAY15s base which has offset mounting pins which orients the three LED chip faces in the proper facing position for the installation. The angled LED face aids in upward/outward facing illumination.




The White rear LED Nav bulb is configured with a BA15s base and LED chips at each 90° face that creates a 360° projection as well as a rear facing LED chip for additional rear projection coverage.

This White LED Bulb might also be a consideration for replacing the monster 50Watt 1939X (28v) and 1940 (14v) incandescent bulbs which have a BA15s base and are used in many beacon type applications. Replacing a 50 Watt amp hogging incandescent bulb with a 4Watt LED bulb sounds like a great 21st Century idea.

50 Watt Medieval Incandescent 1939X & 1940 Bulb

Replaces Bulb PNs: 93, 305, 1073, 1156, 1777, 307, 309, 311, 1203, 1665, 1680, and 1691

NOT FAA/PMA Approved is now able to offer these LED Nav Bulbs for your "Boat" or Experimental Aircraft which includes FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping to US addresses (International 1st Class Shipping available).

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•Replaces common RA-7512, W-1290, 7079B and A7512 14V and 28V incandescent reflector bulbs.

• ~4 Watts of power. Very Low power consumption compared to 26 watts for incandescent bulbs or 50 watts in the case of 1939X and 1940 bulbs.

• 14VDC and 28VDC compatible

• Minimum 400 Lumens (White Tail bulb is higher)

NOT FAA/PMA Approved. Experimental Aircraft, Marine & Off Road Vehicles Only (for Certified aircraft - Consult your A&P/IA for permission to install as a "minor alteration").

• Ideal for uAvionix Tail Beacon ADS-B users who must keep power on to Nav lights to ensure the Tail Beacon is providing an ADS-B out signal.

• Red and Green Colored LEDs preserve red and green illumination color when behind red and green lenses.




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Silicone Replacement for

PN: A2134 Teardrop Lens Gasket



Silicone (AMS 3303.050) replacement gasket for PN: A2134 for Experimental Aircraft* with teardrop Nav Light lenses. Market retail list pricing for PN: A2134 (non-silicone) is $66.74 pricing is $17.50 each including FREE 1st Class USPS shipping to US addresses. International addresses higher.

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Teardrop Nav Lens Gasket

*For Certified Aircraft - Consult your A&P/IA for permission to install as a "minor alteration".