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 LED PAR-36 Bulbs @ $65 Each w/Free US Shipping!


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CSOBeech now offers PAR36 LED Bulbs for your "tractor" or off-road vehicle for $65 each including FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping to US addresses (International 1st Class Shipping available @$85 each). Your purchase supports, still a FREE resource to the Beechcraft community





A PAR36 bulb dimension is 36 eighths of an inch (36 x 1/8") or nominally 4.5" in diameter. Below is a chart for PAR bulb dimensions. Please note that some "tractors" use the LARGER PAR46 bulb. Click HERE for PAR46 LED Bulb availability info.


Please confirm the diameter of your existing bulb to be sure it is indeed a PAR36 format. If you know the existing Bulb PN that your tractor uses (for example GE 4509), you can Google the PN to find a site that will give you the dimensions of your bulb.


The CSOBeech PAR36 LED bulbs are a dimensional drop in fit for these amp sucking, relatively low service life incandescent bulbs : 4509, Q4631, 4313, 4502, H7604, 4627, 4626, 4589, 4593, 4591, 4594, 4713, 4587, and 4505.


Click HERE for a list of popular bulb PNs where they list the PAR size. Once again, PAR36 Bulbs are about 4.5" in diameter.


The PAR36 LED bulb offered here will NOT fit the nose gear leg mounting bracket of tractors. There is simply not enough clearance at the back of the bracket for the depth of the bulb housing!





FLOOD BEAM (~60* Beam Spread)


PAR36 LED Flood



SPOT BEAM (~30* Beam Spread)


PAR36 LED Spot Beam



The PAR36 LED is offered in SPOT and Flood beam patterns. The PAR36 bulb is approximately 4.5" in diameter. The Spot beam is approximately a 30* spread and the Flood beam is approximately 60* spread and the bulb is compatible with 12V and 24V electrical systems.


Read the wiki definition of "PAR" (parabolic aluminized reflector) HERE


If you're still using amp sucking incandescent bulbs in your tractor, teardrop spotlight or off-road vehicle, your electrical system will thank you, especially if your vintage equipment still uses old-school generators, famous for browning out during night operations









Below is a picture of a conventional incandescent bulb just above the nose tire of a V35B "tractor" before installation of the CSOBeech PAR36 LED.



Below is a picture of the same "tractor" with the CSOBeech PAR36 FLOOD LED making the below brightness on about 1.5 amps on a 12V system. This shows the roughly 60* beam spread of the FLOOD bulb.




Below are pictures of the actual PAR36 FLOOD bulb and the wire terminations (SPOT terminations are identical).



Installation Tips


A good connection method is to crimp two 22-18 gauge (typically red sleeves) ring terminals for a #6 or #8 stud (I forget what the bulb screw terminal is originally) onto the bulb wires. Now place an appropriately sized vinyl sleeve, heat shrink tubing or other insulative material over each ring terminal and slide it out of the way.

Be sure you have previously confirmed which airframe lead is Positive and which is Ground. You do this with a voltmeter or an appropriate voltage test bulb. If you do not know how to make the Positive and Negative voltage wire determination, STOP, phone a friend who does know how to make this determination or call your A&P.

Then secure the bulb ring terminal to the airframe wiring. Connect the red bulb wire to the Positive airframe wire and the black bulb wire to the airframe ground wire. Secure each wire to it's airframe ring terminal using a short #6 or #8 screw and nut.



Star washers on either side will insure torque is maintained over time. Tighten the screw and nut combination and then slide the insulative sleeve over the ring terminal and screw connection and use small wire ties to close both ends of the sleeve over the wires.