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  PLANELOGIX - Digital Maintenance Records

Bringing Logbooks Into the 21st Century

Our aircraft logbooks are a critical piece of our aircraft value and as well provides critical insight to us as owners and our maintenance providers of what HAS been done and what HAS NOT been done. As an example, too many Beech owners have overlooked changing out their landing gear rod ends, to their aircraft's peril in some sort of landing gear failure which has a high probability of totaling the aircraft.

PLANELOGIX digitizes your logbooks into a searchable format making it a simple matter of a few keystrokes to determine if particular items have been addressed. This then keeps your original logbooks secure (never to be handed to a maintenance provider again if you don't want to) and allows a maintenance provider to quickly identify needed maintenance items and compliance currency (eliminates major hourly logbook research charges). This also creates a critical digital backup (and thereby extremely portable) for your valuable logbooks.

Thinking of selling your aircraft? Another benefit of PLANELOGIX service is that it allows prospective buyers to review your logbooks with their maintenance provider digitally before committing to a pre-buy or during a pre-buy, saving both parties time and money. Additionally, your aircraft can be listed on the PLANELOGIX website, allowing prospective buyers to view the maintenance records. Click HERE to see examples of their listings.

If you sign up for a transcription package with PLANELOGIX, let them know you were referred by and they'll include a quick review for landing gear related rod end replacement as well as the basic FAR searches (FAR 91.411/413 inspections, etc.) even if you don't sign up for a tracking item add-on.