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 Ryan TCAD 9900B Battery Replacement





Does your Ryan TCAD 9900B show a message saying "BATTERY LOW"?


Well, this is what Tom J. was seeing on his unit and he began to investigate. Here is his pirep on how he handled it in CSOB style:


"I contacted Avidyne - they do the tech support now. They want $500 to replace the battery , but has to go through a dealer, so that will raise the price more.
I pulled the unit, removed the 5 screws holding the end cover and found the clock battery.

CR2430 Lithium 3V


You have to carefully remove the ribbon connector to access the battery.

Only should be attempted if you are comfortable working with computer components and can protect from static."


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The battery is reported to be a CR2430, a 3.0 volt, 290 mAh lithium battery.





Available at Digikey HERE for ~$1.43


Available at 24Hour Batteries  HERE for ~$0.99


See the CR2430 Data Sheet HERE




Nice work Tom!