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Sidewinder Replacement 28V Li-Ion Battery 5.0 Ah


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Sidewinder Replacement 28V Li-Ion Battery 6.0 Ah

If you're like me and have had your Sidewinder Portable Tug for a while, the original Milwaukee battery might be seeming a little tired and not as long lasting as it once was. When my battery was new I could tug my full fuel B55 Baron nearly 100 yards before the battery was depleted. As I began searching for a Milwaukee branded replacement battery, I was disappointed to find them approaching nearly $200!

Ever the CSOB1, I set out to search for a cost effective alternative and found this 6.0 Ah replacement battery that returned my Sidewinder to the strong and long-lasting tug that I remembered it to be.

This battery gives me several tugs in and out of my hangar and hardly even moves off of four lights on the battery level indicator.

I'm happy to offer this 6.0 Ah replacement battery to Sidewinder owners and visitors and thank you in advance for your support of the site with your purchase.

Please fully charge the battery before 1st use.




Below are pictures of the replacement battery in service on my Milwaukee Charger and Sidewinder Tug.


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