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  Bonanza T/C Exhaust System Watch Out - Flame Cones in Muffler


If you own an early Turbo Charged Bonanza aircraft then you might want to take a few minutes to read this narrative regarding the exhaust system Beech configured in those airframe models.


It appears that Beech used their conventional "Flame Cone" (aka "silencer cone" in Beech terminology) when they designed and introduced the turbo-charged Bonanzas. Below is a diagram of the T/C exhaust system applicable to the TSIO-520D in V35TC, V35ATC & V35BTC.



Click HERE for the parts catalog extract applicable to TSIO-520D in V35TC, V35ATC & V35BTC airframes.


NOTE: A36TC and B36TC MAY be similar! And then again, Beech may have figured out this issue by the time these Model 36 airframes were designed and built. Always check the part catalog associated with your airframe to be sure what was fitted to your SN!



Notice the right engine cylinders exhaust through a classic muffler/heat exchanger can (Item #40 in the above diagram) and this is then fed to the left side exhaust manifold and then into the turbo.


Now here are pictures of the "flame cone" that resides in those mufflers that were equipped with them:


"Good Flame Cone"                                                                  "Bad Flame Cone"



HERE is a compilation of exhaust service bulletins relating to Bonanzas.


The last bulletin in that LINK ABOVE, #0429-412, relates to the issues in T/C systems and recommends a replacement muffler sans "flame cone" be fitted if any anomalies are noted. If it were me, I'd get that time bomb out of there right now!


But you and your mechanic get to make the call on that.



Below are pictures of the shrapnel that befell a V35TC owner who wasn't fortunate enough to have mechanics checking his exhaust system


Let loose in muffler and went all the way around to the turbo inlet!


Remnants of where a once intact flame cone once lived.



The last thing you want to see is a big hunk of metal in your turbo inlet!


The unfortunate T/C owner reports that the turbo and wastegate are off for inspection and his heat exchanger/muffler is being sent to Knisley for conversion. This, 14 months after his turbo overhaul!


Fortunately, this find was made on the ground when the owner aborted a takeoff due to no boost being developed.


Big thanks to the submitter/V35TC owner, Brandon, for sharing his misfortune with so that others can possibly avoid the same fate.


The moral of the story is if you have a T/C aircraft, to get that flame cone equipped heat exchanger/muffler out of your system!


Here are some sources for exhaust parts and HERE is a page with an exhaust repair pirep.


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