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  Low Aux In Audio Volume in Your Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel?


Do you have one of the early vintage Garmin GMA-340 audio panels and have been struggling to hear your IPod or XM-Radio or other Aux In audio device?


Well join the CSOB Club because that's what I have. It's a GMA-340 with no mod levels completed on it, which means it was one of the early units. For whatever reason these early units did not have a good audio volume amplification when connected to popular audio devices. Later model      GMA-340s were set up with a user/installer configurable 10 or 20 db increase of amplification volume via the pin outs.


After not being able to Rock-Out to my favorite tunes on long trips, I found what I believe to be a great little solution. The $30 Boostaroo!










This little unit takes the volume of my CSOB XM Weather Box with XM Music or DVD Player and pumps it up 12db which gives me a level that I can enjoy through the Lightspeed Zulu ANR headsets.


Or, try the Boostaroo revolution, pictured below, for about a 22db gain




Here is a picture of the older Boostaroo model mounted just above my Garmin 376C CSOB Weather Box. It's simple to use, has great fidelity and takes two AA batteries that have lasted me 3x the length of time my headset batteries last.





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