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   GeeBee Brake Fluid Reservoir Can


GeeBee's 12oz Brake Reservoir


If you're like me, you've watched as your decades old brake reservoir can has developed increasing amounts of corrosion and just plain ugliness.


GeeBee has produced what has to be one of the best replacement options available to spiff up your engine bay and replace that decades old can..


They are offered in 8oz and 12oz sizes. The 12oz is pictured above and the 8oz is pictured below.


GeeBee's 8oz Brake Reservoir


If you have a Baron brake can installation like mine pictured below, you'll not be able to use the 12oz size. The 12oz can is too tall to fit under the rib on the curved section of fuselage and still be able to get the dipstick out for checking and servicing. The factory size for my B55 was 8oz. I found GeeBee's replacement to be an excellent fit.



If you have a free standing installation with plenty of height clearance, you can probably use the 12oz size can. They are well constructed with AN hardware, a B-nut, internal locknut (not silver solder which can crack leading to leaks) and an o-ringed bottom seal.



GeeBee reports pricing of $377.50 for each can. Version 2.0 sports a powder coated cap.


While you're changing out your old brake fluid can, check out whether you want to consider upgrading to a more robust and reduced flammability brake fluid that is approved for aviation use where 5606 is specified. Read the narrative about replacement 5606 HERE


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