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  Commonly Missed Inspection Items


This is a list of items contributed by Baron owner and IA, Stuart S.


He believes it to be compiled from Beech Service Clinic experiences but cannot be absolutely certain. In any event, you may want to have a look at this list and see if your Beechcraft has any of these issues.


On the Engine:


• Flexible engine baffle material that was incorrectly positioned, in poor condition or missing altogether that can cause improper engine cooling.


• Flexible fuel and oil hoses that were stiff, brittle and quite old, with potential to fail at any time. This problem is more pronounced in the hotter climates. It is recommended that these hoses be replaced every five years with fire-shielded hoses, or better yet, with fire-shielded Teflon hoses.


• Loose air filter housing assemblies, which will allow the engine to ingest unfiltered air and dust.


• Flame cones missing in the mufflers and missing placards on the external power supply doors. This placard is quite important. Putting 24 volts into a 12-volt battery is not a pretty sight, as one FBO found out the hard way: The battery exploded when the 24 volts were applied, damaging the battery box and right-hand top cowl door, spraying battery acid all over the engine compartment.


• Looseness in the bolt securing the rod end control to the throttle, propeller and mixture control arms. This bolt should be tight so vibration doesn’t wear out the bolt and the bolt hole in the control arm. Looseness or play from this connection can also cause the rpm, mixture or manifold pressure to vary slightly or surge as the parts vibrate in flight.


On the airframe:


• Fuel vent lines either broken off or not properly positioned in the correct 10-degree forward angle.


• Fuel cap placards missing or not legible.


• Outboard Ruddervator or elevator hinge bearings and bushings so worn as to possibly cause a vibration.


• Flap limit switch rollers frozen or rusted.

  • Flight cable pulleys not rotating freely.



On the landing gear:


• Bent shimmy damper shafts.


• Nose gear steering stops bent or out of adjustment.


• Shimmy dampers with no fluid.


• Upper brake hoses very old and stiff.


• Lower brake hoses too long, causing them to rub on the wing during retraction.


• Uplock cables missing the Tygon tube at the uplock bracket end, which is required by SI 0448-221 Rev. II when complying with

AD 72-22-01. Some had the Tygon tube installed but mis-positioned due to a loose or missing clamp that holds it to the uplock cable housing. During retraction, the tube prevents the uplock cable from catching on the grease fitting on the uplock roller.


• Gear motors needing overhaul due to being slow or intermittent.


• Sagging landing gears rubbing on the inboard gear doors when retracted.


Again, we found dirt, grime and the tar-like sound deadener Beech used on the belly skins caked to these center section lower corners. If it hasn’t been cleaned, it hasn’t been inspected. This is a recurring AD, usually every 500 hours after the aircraft has reached 1,500 hours in service.



Some of the things found at a recent clinic:


• Baffle cracked.


• Cowl flap hinges loose.


• Inboard gear doors (both sides) hitting wheel scissors.


• Nose gear lift leg bolt loose. This is the aft end of the nose retract rod that attaches to the bottom of the gearbox


• Nose gear steering yoke too tight. The "cone" piece should rotate.


• Loose inboard gear door aft bearings on both sides.


• Left uplock block loose.


• Nose gear trunnion has too much vertical movement. Replace laminate shim on top.


• Rod ends and bolts on both outboard gear doors loose.


• Roller flange on flap rollers in wrong position on right flap. Flange should be on fuselage side.


• Right elevator horn bolt loose.


• Check aileron weight for security, can "bang" on aileron, if you hear rattling, could be weight, that's riveted in place.



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