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  NEW Cygnet Dual Yokes For Sale




As a result of bartering in exchange for Marketing Consulting Services, I have available to offer for sale 2 NEW Cygnet Aerospace Dual Yokes and Control Wheels. They are in the original wrapping & packaging and come with the complete Cygnet factory warranty.


I would like to get my services money out of these things, so I can offer them at this phenomenal discount:


  • Cygnet Dual Yoke + 1 Cygnet Control Wheel @ $3,295 + shipping


  • Cygnet Dual Yoke + 2 Cygnet Control Wheels @ $3,795 + shipping


Email or Call Me to Buy One of These Units

(972) 315-15-Six-Four (O)     (972) 955-Zero-Six-Four-One (M)



IMHO, they are the finest dual yokes and control wheels on the market.


PS: The digital clock, PTT switches and flight desk are optional cost accessories.


Please consider buying them from me (or telling your Beech buds about the deal) as a token of support for




See pics of their products and my Dual Yoke Install in my Baron below:



Dual Yoke Upgrades Chronometer Leather Wrap Flight Desk Push-to-Talk




Cygnet iPad & Garmin 796 Mount




Works with Beech & Cygnet wheels and can hold the iPad mini and full size iPad as well as the Garmin 796.


Cygnet's price as of 12/21/2014 is $195. Click Cygnet Logo to contact them.





Coiled Cord Option from Cygnet



Here is what Chris from Cygnet has to say about his new coiled cord product:


A lot of us are flying with ratty coil cords (our Baron included) because the options for new cords are few and expensive. 


After many years of customers asking for these, we have made a custom coil cord that’s very well suited for the Bonanza/Baron control wheel installations.  It has a six inch long coil section with 18-inches of straight exiting axially at each end of the coil.  Our 24 conductor  cord is made of Mil-Spec wire and a fire rated non glossy outer jacket with an ultra low diameter, for this number of conductors, of .34 inches.  By comparison, the 19 conductor S-tec coil cord is .26 inches in diameter and approaches twice the price of our cord.  Our coil cord is intended for installations that require up to 24 conductors.  We have seen less than ideal installations in some airplanes with two coil cords running from the panel to the pilot control wheel trying to get additional leads.


We are happy to offer a little break on the price to CSOBeech visitors - just call us and tell us you saw it on!


The Retail price is about $249




Here are the PDF product specs



Or purchase it from Aircraft Spruce HERE



See more pics of my Cygnet Dual Yoke & Flight Desk HERE


2009 Panel


Many Pilots that fly with me are impressed with the utility and convenience of the Flight Desk for Checklist and Approach Plate management.


Note the use and fit of the ancient Sony Reader PRS-505 w/Readerplates in the above picture.

Today, the Cygnet Flight Desk is an ideal place for an iPad Mini 4.


N2023W 2020 Panel


Kneeboards are nice, but if you're like me, once you use a Cygnet Flight Desk, you won't ever use a kneeboard again.



Email, Call or Text Me to Buy One of These Units

  (972) 315-15-Six-Four (O)     (972) 955-Zero-Six-Four-One (M)