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  Insurance, CFII Dual, A&P & Examiner Referrals


Need Aircraft Insurance?


Check with Aaron Flora of Einstein Insurance. Both he and Dennis Einstein are accomplished aviators. Dennis is an A36TC owner and pilot examiner in the Philadelphia area and Aaron is an accomplished corporate pilot/CFII/MEII (he trained me for my Commercial ME and ATP ratings).


They have worked to get quotes for me from several underwriters each year to get me the best rate.


E-Mail for a Quote or call (727) 243-4094 and tell him you're a "Beech Buddy" of Mike. 


Aaron, based in the Tampa, Florida area, may also be available for CFII or MEII Dual in your Bonanza or Baron. I enthusiastically recommend him, he is an awesome aviator and instructor. Call him directly for his availability and rates.



Another accomplished aviator and awesome CFII/MEII is David Austin in the Dallas, TX area.



Dave is also an A&P with IA authority and very knowledgeable in the Beechcraft airframes and systems (I trust him with my bird)! Talk about a combination of pilot and mechanic in one package!


Dave gave me brush-up training for my ATP-MEL ride and has prepared another friend of mine for his Commercial MEL in my B55. On occasion, subject to time availability, Dave can fly to your airport to render maintenance assistance, a Hangar Call!


Dave also does extensive RV maintenance and test flights.


Contact him directly at 214-236-7973 for his rates and availability and tell him you're a "Beech Buddy" of Mike!

7/28/2021 NEWS FLASH: Dave is now a DPE!


Or E-mail him.



Also in the Dallas, TX area is a great CFII Todd Whiteley. He can be reached at: 817-808-7225


Todd after his ME Commercial checkride in 23W

Dave Austin congratulates Todd on passing his ME checkride

Or E-mail him.



In Central New York, my first CFI, Jeff Vandeyacht, took me from my PPL to Instrument rating in my Beech Sierra. 


Me & Beech Sierra N6581R at KFMY


He's a great "stick" and can get you squared away in most anything you fly.


Jeff is a CFII/MEI working in the Syracuse, KSYR and Oswego KFZY area of New York. See his site HERE and be sure to have him take you to the Dinosaur BBQ after your BFR or IPC to celebrate, which has to be one of the top BBQ joints in the country!


Email Jeff



 I took my Instrument ride with Lon Sauter (RIP) out of KFZY. He gave me a very fair ride.



Lon and his wife Marge run "The Flight School" at KFZY and Lon is also an A&P w/IA privledges.



I had a fair and great ATP check ride experience with Kendall Haley, based at KDTO. If you need to schedule a check ride, give Kendall a call: (214) 534-8067



Another fair and great examiner that I have used on the Gulf Coast of Florida is Walt Bradshaw, based at KPGD.


Visit his website for all his contact info.



Last but not least, is David Garner in the Tampa, Florida area: (813) 245-1161. 


I took my multi-engine ride with him in a Travel Air. I received a very fair ride with him but I don't think he believed me when I told him I was going to buy a Baron someday. I guess he hears that from a lot of people....LOL