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  NEW: ABS Landing Gear Inspection Manual


Don't be a Gear Collapse (LGRM*) Statistic!


NEW from ABS: Get the Landing Gear Inspection Manual from ABS in their November 2011 Member Magazine HERE  A great reference for you and your mechanic. It pays to be a member. I've heard that they have more guides such as this planned for FREE distribution with the magazine.




The Manual includes a detailed inspection checklist incorporating lessons learned from our Technical Advisors' over 300 combined years of Beech maintenance experience, and thousands of airplanes inspected in the ABS-ASF Service Clinic program. It includes a highly illustrated, 15-page Amplification that explains and expands upon the checklist inspection steps.


*For more info on LGRMs visit: Mastery Flight Training created by Tom Turner, Executive Director ABS


Tom Turner



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