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  Let's Ask for Progressive Taxi Instructions


When I'm in a complex "new to me" tower controlled airport and not being fortunate enough to have a high dollar Garmin 496 or MX20 type MFD in my panel with taxi diagrams, I'm not bashful about asking Ground Control for progressive taxi instructions. It's takes just a few moments to make this request and I've never ever gotton so much as a sigh from any of the ground controllers at some busy places.


Here's the official FAA definition of a "runway incursion":


"Any occurrence at an aerodrome involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take off of aircraft."



Here are some of the airports I've visited where I think it was a great move to get progressives: KIAH, KTPA, KPIE, KSRQ, KPBI, KALB, KSYR, KROC


Check out this very scary "near-miss" runway incursion by two commercial jet aircraft. Very good move by the pilot to decline their takeoff clearance.




Here's another near-miss graphic depiction of a runway incursion event. Click HERE


And yet another near-miss graphic depiction at KCLT, Charlotte, NC, by the FAA. Click HERE


Download the FAA's Runway Safety Report for 2008 HERE


At night, let's be especially vigilant and take a few extra seconds in the FBO to brief the Airport Diagram or while you're warming your engine(s) on the ramp.



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