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  Bonanza & Baron 520/550 Alternator Options


Here are some comments from Baron owner and IA Stuart S. regarding some of the A36 Bonanza alternator configurations:


"Serials below E-186 used AWG-6 output to the buss through an 80amp CB, all later serials used AWG-4 wire. Field control wires are all AWG-18 and shunts either 80 or 100 amp depending on the system. Shunts for 100amp systems were on the firewall, engine side. 80amp shunts in the cabin."


Below you will see a baffle mod by A36 owner John W. which allows easy in/out removal and install of the behemoth TCM factory 100 amp alternators in the tight space. Here is John's comment about the photo:


"There was a hole cut in the baffling to enlarge the hole where the bottom tube goes. A plate was created to cover that hole. So with the enlarged hole, the alternator can be cocked/tilted such that it comes out. The reverse to reinstall. The new cover plate is affixed to the original floor of the baffling but a screw on one side (a plate nut was squeezed to receive the screw) and then a stepped piece of metal that holds the new cover plate down when slid underneath the little stepped piece. I've outlined the cover plate with a black dashed line. The little stepped piece is outlined in red."




Below is a picture of a Plane Power alternator offering with 12V available up to 100amp and 24V available up to 150amp. Plane Power provides the following guidance regarding alternator sizing:


"Aircraft electrical system will be limited by existing wiring and output circuit breaker. The Plane Power alternator can produce all 100 amps if proper size wiring, ammeter and circuit breaker are installed and approved. PMA replacement, requires only a log book entry."


Plane Power was acquired by Hartzell Engine Technologies in 2014. Also, keep in mind that Plane Power will then be the only source for repairs, overhauls and parts for their alternator. As of this writing (9/8/2016), Plane Power has not released manuals, documents or service instructions to the aircraft alternator repair community. HERE is a Plane Power Service Bulletin No. 81 Rev. A. If this changes, please drop me an .

Below is a pirep from A36 owner Stuart S regarding how he deals with the 500hr front mounted alternator inspections:

"I no longer keep a spare alternator in stock as the A36 is 12volt with the little 60amp alternator. but I do have a spare elastomeric coupler/gear on the shelf along with the tools to check and install it.

If you send the spare alternator to Modified for rework, you may want to get a spare coupler/gear for him to install. The swap would then be easy.

I don’t know if you have a local fellow who can just change and then test the coupler when the time comes to swap alternators. Always a chance the coupler does not pass and you are down until you get a replacement.

RAM in Waco TX has a sister parts company that has a PMA coupler/gear much less expensive that the TCM part. DART Aircraft Parts in Waco. I have been pleased with them at (254)753-1810."






Below is a picture of B58 owner Derek DB's alternator mounting which is fitted with a much larger opening for the alternator blast tube



Below is the B58 charging system schematic. Be sure to check your IPC/Shop Manual for the specific diagram for your SN!