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  HID PAR-36 & PAR-46 SPECIAL DEAL $275 Each!

OK so here is the super secret Phillips 35W HID pricing deal I got (1/22/08) from Don Wentz at Duckworks:


Check out Duckworks Special Beech Lister Promo Info Page HERE


See the CSOBeech HID install page HERE


He will give Beech Listers the following pricing on EITHER lamp form factor, PAR-36 AND PAR-46!!!


Buy one Phillips 35W HID Kit (take your pick of PAR-36 or PAR-46) at a price of $275 each plus $12 shipping


Be sure to specify your voltage and be sure to tell him you are from "The Beech List"


He now takes credit cards and he accepts checks and PayPal. Once again: you are on your own for the dreaded STC or 337 "paperwork" <vbg>


Call or email Don with your order:  


The Mailing Address is:

Duckworks Aviation LLC

50641 Firridge Ave.

Scappoose, OR 97056



Hurry, I don't know how long Don intends to run this promo!



PAR36 LED @ $65 - Support w/Your Purchase






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