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 Redline's Sidewinder Tug


Redline's Revolutionary Powered Tug: Sidewinder






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See what Sidewinder does for the disabled pilot HERE.



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You heavy Baron drivers, may want to take a close look at the flexibility this could give you in your hangar as well as while traveling. By the way, go price a new gasoline powered tug with truck freight to your doorstep and Beech adapters and you'll not be too far off the $1,850 price. But, you can't take one of those gas tugs with you on a trip and the Sidewinder will never ask you for gas, oil, spark plugs or a rubber belt.






Redline "Sidewinder" - Amazing Power in a 23 Pound Portable Tug





Read the Testimonial from a European Sidewinder Owner for his Piper Meridian HERE


See the Complete Picture Album of hi resolution Sidewinder pictures HERE

Contact me  if you are interested in learning more or would like to meet in the KDTO or KATW area for a demo.


Nope, it's not a CSOB item, but if your back, legs and/or knees are not what they used to be, this could be the ticket for you to avoid the chiropractor. Try finding this kind of powered tug portability in those other types of tugs! 


Here are two of my own situations that impressed me:


#1. I shut down at the end of my hangar row one day to let the Cessna guy finish loading and come out. My B55 was full fuel and my Sidewinder battery was full fuel also. It got the plane all the way to my hangar (the last one in the row) about 100 yards by my estimation and my battery was just about done.


#2. Before I left Texas this past Sunday for my trip up to the Wisconsin tundra, my IA did a small weld repair on my nose gear door actuator pin. The picture below is someone else's but it was happening to my plane too



Yes, mine was being sawed in half by contact with the pickup fork.


Well anyway, he has this tiny jewelers pinpoint torch and needed some additional clearance under the nose gear brace to get a good working angle. Rather than get jacks and the tail stand, he goes and gets this car ramp and he says, "get your Sidewinder out and lets get this nose wheel up onto the ramp."


So I said, OK, we'll try (yeah right). So I hook up the Sidewinder and my IA goes behind the right main wheel. I start to squeeze and he begins applying some rolling force to the right main wheel. I'll be dipped, the Sidewinder pulled the nose up that conventional car ramp with just my buddy exerting some force on one main.



NEWS FLASH: The Sidewinder now fits all the following aircraft models. So tell your Cessna, Piper & Eclipse friends about the Sidewinder. Please specify your aircraft model when ordering.


  • All the Bonanzas-Barons-Travel Airs and T-34 models
  • All Piper single engine retractables from the Arrow through the Meridian
  • All Cessna single engine retractables from the 172rg through to P-21
  • All fixed gear Cessna from 182 up without wheel pants
  • All Cessna 310-320-340-401-402-414-421-441
  • Eclipse 500





Here is the NEW KNURLED ROLLER and Chain Guard design as of 4/12/2009:




Storage & Cold Weather Operations


A word about cold Wx and storage of the Milwaukee Lithium Ion Battery Pack from the Milwaukee operating instructions:



Here are some additional thoughts posted on 30 Nov 2010 from Redline Owner, Linn Kastan, regarding Cold Wx Ops for the Sidewinder Battery:


In winter, we get quite a few calls about reduced battery life. I realize that this can be a frustrating occurrence. Our tests (and experience) indicate that the Milwaukee batteries should not be left in cold conditions for extended periods of time.


If you read the Milwaukee literature (posted above) that was included with your Sidewinder, it states that the tool can be used (and the battery can be charged) in conditions down to -4 F. In the next paragraph, they recommend that the battery be stored at "room temperature". We highly recommend this procedure. The current V28 series is fully warranted for a period of 2 years or 2000 charging cycles against any defects.


If any of you experience any problems with a battery that falls inside these parameters, it should be checked by an authorized service center. If found defective in any way, it will be replaced. Simply go to: and click on E-Service. If you have any problems with this procedure, please contact me directly.





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